13 Health Benefits of Yoga

  Yoga is derived from Sanskrit word “ Yuj” which means to “to joint” or “to unite”. Yoga is an exercise that focuses on improving strength and flexibility. Practicing Yoga provides physical, mental and emotional health benefits. There are many health benefits of yoga.

Maul Blog # Health Benefits of Yoga
Maul Blog # Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is not only popular in India but also in foreign country. Practicing yoga have benefits to the mental and physical health.

  • Encourage to do more exercise
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce stress
  • Motivating them to reduce alcohol use
  • Inspiring to eat more healthy food

Practicing yoga has more benefits to the emotional, physical and mental health.

Health Benefits of Yoga

  • Blood Pressure: Yoga practice helps in maintaining the blood pressure through better circulation of blood in the body.
  • Pulse Rate: Regular doing yoga provides a lower pulse rate. Lower pulse rate indicates the sign that your heart is strong.
  • Circulation: Yoga helps in improve blood circulation in the body.
  • Immunity: Yoga help in boost the immunity system. Practicing yoga helps in achieving a strong immune system.
  • Ageing: Practicing yoga stimulate the detoxification process in the body that delay ageing and provide many other health benefits.
  • Posture: Yoga helps in correcting the body posture that helps you look more confident and healthy.
  • Sleep: Practicing yoga helps in achieving quality and better sleep.
  • Sexuality: Practicing yoga improve sexual health through control, more relaxation and more self-confidence.
  • Mood: Practicing yoga is helps in refreshing the mood by reducing stress level.
  • Anxiety: Practicing yoga helps in remove anxiety. Doing meditation improve your concentration level and remove your anxiety.
  • Self- control: Yoga helps control the mind by practising mediation.
  • Memory and concentration: Practicing yoga improves your concentration and memory by doing meditation.
  • Strength: Practicing yoga daily improve the strength of the body and energize the body. Yoga also helps in achieving flexibility in the body. It also improve cardio of the body.

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